Designing quality plastic extrusions

Our ability to supply high quantity plastic extrusions starts at the design stage. Designing a product that suits the extrusion process is key when it comes to our ability to constantly supply and manufacture products with critical dimensions. Understanding factors such as the differential cooling ‘the effects of uneven cooling during the extrusion process’ and explaining these to our customers keeps us and our customers at the top of our game.

Shadow graph technology

Whilst we pride ourselves upon our ability to design and manufacture complex plastics extrusions, the quality of a product is very much dependent upon in process quality controls, procedures and checks. Flexible profiles can be very difficult to measure, as part of our manufacturing process we utilise shadow graph technology to enlarge and inspect critical dimensions ensuring the flexible extrusions we supply are of the highest quality.

The extrusion process – adding adhesive tape

Many of our plastic extrusions can be manufactured with one or more lines of adhesive tape being added in line with the extrusion process. Applying the tape as part of the extrusion process avoids the time and cost of adding tape at a later date. Working together PAL Extrusions can offer expertise on plastic extrusion design whilst our adhesive tapes division ‘PAL Adhesive Products’ can offer technical advise on the correct tape for your application.