Technical Plastic Extrusions

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Manufacturers of Technical Plastic Extrusions

PAL Extrusions are market leaders in the manufacturer of rigid, flexible and co-extruded polymer (plastic) extrusions, we also specialise in the development of specialist extrusion technology, bespoke in-line processes and high performance engineering polymers.

Specialist extrusion technology

Here at PAL Extrusions we pride ourselves in keeping pace with the latest plastic extrusion technologies and offer specialist processes such as:

Co-extrusion – different polymers are combined to produce a single profile.
Skinning – high performance plastics used to coat a commercial grade.
Foiling – application of UV resistant vinyl layer often wood effect.
Embossing – creation of a textured surfaces to enhance aesthetics or performance.
Punching – in line and off line punching of functional holes & slots details.
Welding – profile welding & production of rings / gaskets.
Tapes & films – in line application of adhesive tapes / protective films.
Routing – off line fabrication service / component production.
Assembly – in line and off line product assembly / component production.
Printing – in line identification / bar coding / batch recording / recycling information.

Commercial and engineering grade Polymers

As well as offering a wide range of commercial grade polymers including PVC (poly vinyl chloride), Polyethylene and polypropylene, PAL Extrusions also specialise the development of extruded profiles manufactured from high performance engineering plastics. Some of these materials have very specific properties others combine a number of characteristics that can boost the performance of a plastic extrusion. By carefully selecting the appropriate grade some of what can be achieve are:

High performance PVC – UV resistant, impact resistant, translucent, fire retardant.
Polyethylene – high and low density variants offer a wide range of properties.
Polypropylene – Durable and resistant to chemicals.
Acrylic – translucent clarity and rigidity.
Polycarbonate – translucent clarity and rigidity, chemical and heat resistance.
Nylon – robust, ware resistant, self-lubricating, strong, fire and chemical resistant.
ASA – excellent weatherability and UV resistant.
Luran – UV resistant, good heat resistance, good electrical insulation properties.

Further information

With so many polymers available and new one’s being developed all the time, it would be impossible for us to list all extrusion grades and properties, so whether you are looking for interior use, exterior, impact strength, temperature resistance, translucency or any other property, contact us today for further advice on your application.

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