Glazing products

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Flexible, rigid & co-extruded plastic extrusions for the glazing industry

Our evolving glazing products division continues to add new products to its extensive range of thermoplastic seals, gaskets, rigid and co-extruded profiles. As one of the market leaders we have a wealth of experience backed by over 30 years in the trade. Servicing the whole of the UK and Ireland, we are pleased to confirm that all our glazing products are made in strict accordance to manufacturing systems quality standard ISO9001.

Enabling us to offer a fast and efficient service on the development of new profiles all of our glazing products are designed in house. From single hardness flexible wedge gaskets to complicated co-extruded pressure plate profiles, we offer a multitude of glazing gaskets and cavity sealing solutions. Our team of dedicated engineers are on hand to assist and offer advice based upon the latest extrusion technology. Through cooperative design, tool making and production, our facilities enable us to provide the quality you expect and the professional high level of service you need.

Here at PAL Extrusions we pride ourselves on keeping pace with the latest glazing industry extrusion technologies. We work with both rigid and flexible compounds and were one of the first companies in the UK to produce a co-extruded PVCu pressure plate for the aluminium curtain walling industry.

Through extensive and consistent investment in people, plant, equipment and premises we have built up a huge portfolio of extrusion machinery and extrusion downstream processing equipment. As well as catering for glazing seals and ancillary PVCu profiles, our dedicated production facility offers specialist EPDM spliced and injection moulded corner gaskets.

Open minded to any opportunity, we are always keen to look at new applications. We currently manufacture profiles for aluminium and curtain walling, PVCu windows, office partitioning, secondary glazing, conservatory roof, draught excluder and decorative cladding extrusions for the kitchen and bathroom markets.

Products and materials
We currently manufacture an extensive range of extruded glazing products including bubble, flipper, captive, swan neck and tear off wedge seals. Co-extruded glazing pressure plate profiles and co-extruded EPDM foam glazing seals for hybrid applications. Rigid PVCu pocket fillers, cover plates, thermal break profiles, head drip sections as well as conservatory roof capping extrusions. We also produce various secondary glazing seals to accommodate 4mm, 6mm, 6.4mm, 6.8mm, 10.8mm and 11.5mm glass. Popular polymer materials include flexible PVC, TPE, PVC nitrile, Vaycron, Glazepta, 50, 60 ,70 and 90 shore EPDM, Sponged EPDM, co-extruded sponged EPDM, rigid PVCu and co-extruded PVCu profiles. Single and double sided tapes are available along with black or white low tack protection products.


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